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Victory in the Valley

Do you ever find yourself obsessing about something? I know I do. Once my mind is set on something there is no going back. Most of the time what I am obsessing over is a problem that I want to fix. I think many women are like me, in that they are fixers. They want to find a way to fix things and have an immediate result. For me as a nursing student, I want to be able to fix my patients right away, but that’s not my role. My role is to take care of the patient the best that I can and let the doctor find the cure. My role is just to love.

So often, I find myself trying to overstep and overthink to the point of obsessing about a problem, even if there is not immediate gratification. There are two things I want to address in this situation I described above: waiting and thinking. I want to draw your attention to Philippians 4:8. It states that whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, or praiseworthy to think on these things. How amazing would it be if we could filter every single thought, we had through these eight qualifications? I think that I would find a more peaceful version of myself that learns to trust the Lord in every single aspect of my life.

As someone who likes to fix everything, but clearly cannot, I find myself in waiting seasons often. However, I have learned to enjoy the waiting because the Lord does his best work here. It is here I find my true healing. It is here I find how great his love is for me and it is here that I am reminded that everything he has done in my life has always worked out for the good. When I look back on my life, I see blessings in every single season, and I see how every valley led me to a greater God sized mountain that I never would have reached without the valley season. So, friend can I ask you what you are waiting on that you could be praying about? While you are waiting and praying, what can you thank God for in this season and what can you learn in this season?

I want to challenge you today to write down ten things you are grateful for and write down a past season that the Lord has shown out in, in your life. Jesus is a good father that only wants the very best for his children even though it doesn’t feel like it sometimes. We can remind ourselves however that he has the final say and he has already overcome the world. You already have victory over this valley and waiting season no matter the outcome because of what Jesus did on the cross of calvary. He was nailed to the cross for victory over the valley seasons of life. Take heart, Christian, he has overcome the world and this situation.

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2 comentários

John Hill
John Hill
07 de jul. de 2021

It is very encouraging to read this, God is loving, always.


07 de jul. de 2021

Awesome message, Girlfriend!

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